Riga region on the left bank of the river Daugava between Riga gulf and river Bullupe. Daugavgriva area includes Bullu island (length - 8.5 km, width - 1-2 km) bordering Ritabullu, Bolderaja, Vecmilgravja and Mangalsala neighborhoods. It was created because of a marine sandy sediments, which over the years has accumulated a single whole.

Once Daugavgriva island site was only a narrow, sandy strip of land that separated the Lielupe river from the sea, but the sea went along the same line as Daugavgriva fortress. Because of Daugava river changing and dynamic nature in the 18th century first half Daugavgriva island was broken in half between the present - day Ritabulli and Daugavgriva. Ziemelupe bay was artificially deepened to promote the Riga city water treatment plant establishment.

In 1924 Daugavgriva had included in the Riga administrative boundaries as the municipality of Bolderaja. The earliest records of this neighborhood in historical sources found in the 1205 year. By selecting the strategically important position Bishop Albert started Cistercian monastery building. Later the Livonian Order convent became one of the strongest fortresses throughout Livonia. 'Riga key' - Daugavgriva fortress that was once a strategic military important and controled Daugava trade route shipping service. National architectural monument (fortress) once was a main reason of region progress.

For many years Daugavgriva land has been used for military purposes: Swedish swarfare, then after the Great Northern War II region came under the authority of the Russian Empire. Fortress closely related to the nineteenth century infantry battalions. After the Latvian Soviet occupation there localized Navy units. Outside the fortress is situated the dam construction completion memorial stone to English and French marines who have fallen in Bermontiade time (in 1919).

As the heritage and promoting tourism attractions we can include island of Love, Daugavgriva pier, which extends into the sea as far as the right bank of the river current Mangalsala dam, Daugavgrivas lighthouse and 18th century established Winter Harbour. Daugavgrivas island is located in the Seaside Nature Park which is made up of many rare coastal habitats. In the territory also includes Daugavgriva Nature Reserve, which occurs in many rare plant and bird species, and tourist favorite bird watching tower.

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